Temis Guzman LMT & Author of Project BVRS

E-mail: temisguzman@gmail.com

After 16 years of Airforce firefighting, Mr. Guzman is applying his Innovative ideas at Massage design and innovation through his practice. He has on display the countries first business to foresee the future germ protection laws that are coming. Come see for yourself how Massage Design and Innovation is saving this Industry with a blend of technology and smart policies.

We exclusively only use beacon linens. These linens were developed with silver thread technology. This means that the sheets we use are germ fighting sheets.

For the 60 min you are laying down receiving massage your safely wrapped in these sheets that provide powerful protection. We didn’t stop there, we also reached out to Sherwin Williams and their line of paint called “Super Paint” that actively kills germs. All painted surfaces at Massage Design and Innovation use this Specific paint. If its a painted surface its a protected surface with Super Paint. Next we implemented UVC light sponsored by Tool Klean. They specialize in the beauty and spa environment by keeping equipment and ambient air clean with germ killing UVC light. So in between clients we can make our rooms go into a “sanitation” mode. Also joining forces with us is Never Germs. This company has provided a product that we can place over any high contact surface. This is a germ fighting film that keeps door handles “clean” to touch as well as the counter top at the reception desk.

We also have truly unique products designed by Mr. Guzman which he calls “Breath well Pomanders” If you live in East TN chances are you’re all too familiar with our pollen seasons here. Our solution we invite you to come see and breathe in for yourself is our original product we call “breathe well” these jars contain Menthol Crystals to open your respiratory passages along with a melody of herbs, flowers, copper and certain spices all combined to give you a visual representation of an essential oil mixture. As you breathe in the combinations that have been carefully paired together, you’ll notice that the scents mixed in the jars are delivered into your respiratory  system on the menthol vapor wave. This Menthol vapor carries expediently the wonderful and natural scents of clove, a natural germ fighting plant. Copper shavings in the jars provides anti germ properties as well. (Just to name a few ingredients) It is my personal believe that all these elements once breathed in deliver “codes of consciences” that tell our body systems to fight off infections and the “feelings” of sickness. After all “what the mind believes the body achieves”.

Mr. Guzman has also written a book called Project BVRS – It is available for sale on Amazon and is accessible via the website www.ProjectBVRS.com