Keeping Things Safe!

Providing a safe and clean place for our customers is of paramount importance to us.  Temis Guzman is the author of book called Project BVRS that is discusses germs in our environment.  When Massage Design & Innovation opened its doors to customers, Temis decided that they whole office and suites would be decorated with safe materials and have all the tools needed to ensure that you will remain safe and well.

In this time of COVID, all healthcare provider need to be working to ensure the wellness and safety of customers/patients.

Massage Design & Innovation is one of the first massage shops in the United States that is operating under the future laws of germ protection. We exclusively use Safe Haven linens with their silver thread germ killing technology. For all of our painted surfaces we used “Super Paint”, the germ killing line of paint by Sherwin Williams. Our rooms go into sanitation mode through Tool Klean’s UVC germ killing technology. And covering the high contact points of the shop is Never Germs, the film you place on door handles and all community touch points!

All of these products are our sponsors and were very proud to represent them!

Below are images of some of the products that have been used and will be used at Massage Design & Innovation.  These include the paint on the walls, the linens and how we cleanse any equipment.